Tuesday, February 9, 2010

prompt 5 6 7 yo

Am just gonna DROP prompts on y'all so you can do them at your own leisure and all of that. I am guilty of falling behind and I know that this semester is killer, but if you have some time and wanna draw, then please take these up~

Also, if you didn't finish an earlier prompt, that's totally fine, just post it whenever you can.

Prompt 5: Burlesque Babes
In honor of the amazing GalHaus Review that performed two Saturdays ago at the BBOX. You totally missed out on cute girls and pasties if you didn't get a chance to go. But that's all right. Just draw some for us~

Prompt 6: Behemoth Beasties
Dragons, Pocket Monsters, Jabberwockies, Furbies-- draw whatever beastie fits your fancy. The bigger the better, but Pikachu's a'ight too.

Prompt 7: Boys and Baubles
Design a male character off of an object that strikes your fancy and post both (or at least a description of your object) when you're done.

That was my burst of creativity for the week. Now I don't need to post for another month~

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  1. I approve of your admirable application of alliteration.