Tuesday, November 10, 2009

let's start over again

Trying to start a weekly prompt up again, if anyone feels like participating! I'll be choosing the prompts for now, but if we get this ball rolling, we'll do rotations and set up orders and so forth. :)

The prompt of the week is to go to: LookBook and pick out an outfit or person you think is awesome and do something inspired by that. Save the image, post it here and then post your response image. Tag it with the prompt number and any additional comments.

Doesn't have to be in color, doesn't have to be fancy, can be that two second doodle you did in the side margins of your syllabus in class. You have till next Tuesday to post, the prompts'll be rotated on Monday. Have fun! We're all swamped with homework, so don't let this be an additional stress.

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